Visual Contents

From documentary archives to PR drama, NHK Promotions plans and produces a wide range of video materials. NHK Promotions utilizes its experience and know-how of many years as an NHK group company to communicate and distribute the messages of public organizations and private corporations lucidly to the general public.

The Many Projects Handled Include >
  • Teaching materials for disaster prevention activities,Japanese Red Cross Society
  • Tamarokutokan Planetarium Software
  • The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris Video 
  • Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Earthquake Video
  • Yagisawa Dam Publicity Video
  • Shinmaruyama Dam Publicity Video
  • Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture Exhibition Video
  • National Police Agency Education Video
  • National Museum of Nature and Science New Building Exhibition Video
  • Gifu City Science Museum Video