Art and Other Exhibitions

NHK Promotions plans and produces exhibitions on themes ranging from fine art and history to science, also helping to produce related goods and establish new museums. NHK Promotions introduces outstanding artworks and cultural assets in collaboration with galleries, museums, and other organizations in Japan and around the world.

The Many Projects Handled Include >
  • THE BODY - Challenging the Mystery, 2018
  • JOMON 10,000Years of Prehistoric Art in Japan, 2018
  • Lèonard Foujita: A Retrospective, 2018
  • Mucha, 2017
  • Deep Ocean 2017
  • Van Gogh & Japan, 2017
  • Arcimboldo Nature into Art, 2017
  • Chanoyu, The Arts of Tea Ceremony, The Essence of Japan, 2017
  • MARVEL Age of Heroes exhibition, 2017
  • The 300th Anniversary of his Birth Jakuchu, 2016
  • The British Museum - A History of the World in 100 Objects, 2015

Concerts / Theater

From the traditional Japanese performing arts to classical and popular music, NHK Promotions produces and manages a wide range of theatrical and public events. NHK Promotions presents first-class arts and entertainment from Japan and the rest of the world

The Many Projects Handled Include >
  • NHK Ballet Festival
  • NHK Music Festival
  • NHK New Year Opera Concert
  • NHK Japanese Traditional Performing Arts Concert
  • NHK Theater Collection
  • Regional Traditional Arts Festival
  • Step Concert
  • Olympic Concert
  • NHK Symphony Orchestra Concert

TV Character Shows for Children

NHK Promotions stages live shows featuring popular characters from NHK's educational programs at public, cultural institutions. NHK Promotions offers excitement that the whole family can enjoy.

The Many Projects Handled Include >
  • With Mother Family Concert
  • Everyone Come to Wan Wan Wonderland!
  • With Mother Poco Potteito Family Stage
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • Let's Make it Together and Play Show!
  • Nin Tama Rantaro Character Show


From international ceremonial occasions to community festivals, NHK Promotions plans and produces events that satisfy diverse clients. NHK Promotions proposes the plans that serve a client's purpose and helps with the hosting and organization as well.

The Many Projects Handled Include >
  • NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories Public Presentations
  • Disaster Prevention Park
  • Hometown Food Japanese Food
  • NHK Environment Campaign
  • NHK Science Studium
  • Exhibition of the selected preservation techniques for cultual properties
  • Singapore Food & Culture Festival
  • I Love Ibaraki Festival 2008
  • Expo 2005 Aichi Japan Week
  • All Japan Handicapped People's Arts and Culture Festival (Hyogo)

Lectures / Symposiums

NHK Promotions proposes lecture and symposium projects led by opinion leaders in diverse genres, including many who have appeared on NHK programs. NHK Promotions delivers the fascination of workshops and talks by renowned figures in response to client needs.

The Many Projects Handled Include >
  • Social Contribution Forum
  • World Health Forum
  • Civic Safety Forum
  • The Food Forum
  • Environment and Energy Symposium
  • Enjoying Forests and Lakes Nationwide Symposium
  • Red Cross Symposium

Visual Contents

From documentary archives to PR drama, NHK Promotions plans and produces a wide range of video materials. NHK Promotions utilizes its experience and know-how of many years as an NHK group company to communicate and distribute the messages of public organizations and private corporations lucidly to the general public.

The Many Projects Handled Include >
  • Teaching materials for disaster prevention activities,Japanese Red Cross Society
  • Tamarokutokan Planetarium Software
  • The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris Video 
  • Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu Earthquake Video
  • Yagisawa Dam Publicity Video
  • Shinmaruyama Dam Publicity Video
  • Nagasaki Museum of History and Culture Exhibition Video
  • National Police Agency Education Video
  • National Museum of Nature and Science New Building Exhibition Video
  • Gifu City Science Museum Video