Art and Other Exhibitions
NHK Promotions plans and produces exhibitions on themes ranging from fine art and history to science, also helping to produce related goods and establish new museums. We introduce outstanding artworks and cultural assets in collaboration with galleries, museums, and other organizations in Japan and around the world.
Concerts / Theater
From the traditional Japanese performing arts to classical popular music, NHK Promotions produces and manages a wide range of theatrical and public events. We present first-class arts and entertainment from Japan and the rest of world.
Visual Contents
From documentary archives to PR drama, NHK Promotions plans and produces a wide range of video materials. We utilize its experience and know-how of many years as an NHK group company to communicate and distribute the message of public organizations and private corporations lucidly to the general public.
From international ceremonial occaions to community festivals, NHK Promotions plans and produces events that satisfy diverse clients. We propose the plans that serve a client's purpose and helps with the hosting and organization as well.
Lectures / Symposiums
NHK Promotions proposes lecture and symposium projects led by opinion leaders in diverse genres, including many who have appeared on NHK programs. We deliver the fascination of workshops and talks by renowned figures in response to client needs.
TV Character Shows for Children
NHK Promotions stages live shows featuring popular characters from NHK's educational program at public ,cultural institutions. We offer excitement that the whole family can enjoy

Company Information

NHK Promotions Inc. was established on Oct. 1, 1977 as NHK Promote Service Inc. with capitalization from NHK affiliates, including NHK Service Center.In 1989, in accordance with the reorganization of NHK’s affiliates, the company was renamed as NHK Promotions Inc. and became an NHK subsidiary company primarily for the handling of cultural projects and events.We receive event-related orders from central government ministries and agencies, local governments, non-profit foundations and private enterprises. In addition, the company also handles orders from NHK itself, such as for events and exhibitions related to NHK’s TV programs.

Company Profile

Company Name NHK Promotions Inc.
President & CEO Mr. Yoshimasa Omi
Head Office 5-5 Kamiyama-cho, NR Building Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0047, Japan [ MAP ]
Telephone Number +81-3-5790-6420
Established October 1, 1977
Capital 100million JPY
Shareholders >
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation) NHK ART Inc.
NHK Enterprises, Inc. NHK Technologies, Inc
NHK Educational Corporation . NHK Publishing, Inc.
NHK Global Media Services, Inc. NHK Business Create Inc.
Main bank > Mizuho Bank,Ltd.