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NHK Promotions Inc. is the NHK group’s core member for producing cultural and other events linked to the broadcasts of NHK across the range from exhibitions and concerts to campaigns and symposiums.

Art and Other Exhibitions

NHK Promotions plans and produces exhibitions on themes ranging from fine art and pop culture to history to science. We make creative use of NHK’s video technologies and networks in close partnership with galleries and museums in Japan and overseas to introduce world-class cultural treasures to the widest possible audience.

Concerts / Theater

From the traditional Japanese performing arts to Western classical popular music, plays and ballet, NHK Promotions plans, produces and manages a wide range of theatrical and other public events. NHK Promotions presents top-quality performing arts and entertainments from Japan and the world.

Visual Contents

NHK Promotions plans and produces a wide range of videos for exhibitions, ceremonies and other events, for public information purposes, and even as visual records for use in the conservation of traditional arts and crafts. We help our clients produce the visual content that people will remember.

Other Events

NHK Promotions also plans and produces international ceremonies and symposiums, local product festivals and other events that serve diverse needs. We propose events, organize them for maximum effect, and also provide key management support.

Lectures and Lecturers

NHK Promotions organizes and responds to requests for lecture and symposium projects on a broad range of themes and for diverse budgets through its contacts with over 2,500 experts, including not only former NHK announcers and commentators but also opinion leaders in every sector of society.

Events for Children and Families

NHK Promotions produces live shows and family-oriented events featuring popular mascot characters from NHK’s children’s and other programs at public halls and cultural institutions nationwide. We deliver joy and excitement for the whole family.

Company Information

NHK Promotions Inc. was established on Oct. 1, 1977 as NHK Promote Service Inc. with capitalization from NHK affiliates, including NHK Service Center.In 1989, in accordance with the reorganization of NHK’s affiliates, the company was renamed as NHK Promotions Inc. and became an NHK subsidiary company primarily for the handling of cultural projects and events.We receive event-related orders from central government ministries and agencies, local governments, non-profit foundations and private enterprises. In addition, the company also handles orders from NHK itself, such as for events and exhibitions related to NHK’s TV programs.

Company Profile

Company Name

NHK Promotions Inc.

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Head Office

5-5 Kamiyama-cho, NR Building Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0047, Japan [ MAP ]

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October 1, 1977


100million JPY

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NHK Media Holdings, Inc.

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Mizuho Bank,Ltd.